Why You Should Be Chewing Gum While You Wash Your Locs: Welcome to TheWeeklyWash


Weekly washing is an entire experience for people with Locs. While some may find this to be a tedious task, I personally think It is a great way to disconnect with the world and reconnect with yourself. 

A home wash can take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending how long your Locs are, how dirty, how many and how frequently you wash overall.  so im going to be dropping little gems like ChewingGum to help pass the time while you maintain your mane!

Chewing Gum is a British Situation comedy that reminds me of Broad City, but with black girls. And...better. It is outrageously funny and based on a self produced  play by the stars show, Michaela Cohel. Michaela plays Tracey a young woman in her twenties who lives in England with her religious zealot of Nigerian decent and her sexually suppressed,  overly conservative snitchin' sister. Tracey basically moves very naively through life with her best mate Candice (con-deece) aka the "buffest girl on the estate" who tries to show her the more liberal side of life; especially when it comes to sex. enter love interest Connor and his inappropriate mother. 

Has also featured in the show The Aliens which is another dope British comedy with about aliens (annunaki perhaps) who come to earth and are segregated from humans. Although not identical very reminiscent of the race relations that's happening in the United States. Ms. Cohel can also be seen in my favorite episode of black mirror season 3 titled "Nosedive" and she absolutely kills the role.

For those who have already rinsed through season 1 on Netflix, here are the first three episodes of Season 2 which i have been anxiously waiting the last 2 years for! if you would like to see season 1 posted hit me up on IG @cleanlocs_tm