#CleanLocs | The Oil Myth


Oil does NOT moisturize. It creates a barrier by sitting on top of the hair shaft, as it does not penetrate. The ONLY oils that penetrate are coconut and palm oils. Even with that being said, you have to moisturizer with rich butters like mango and Shea BEFORE you seal it in with an essential oil.  In addition, you wouldn't bathe, put on lotion, then live your life and just slap on more lotion tomorrow without bathing again so why do that to your hair? It's gross. Putting oil on your hair everyday does nothing but clog pores and create a lint trap. You will get better results with rich butters applied very lightly to the hair and an increased diet of colourful produce and nuts and create shine and moisture from the inside out! Lastly, everything in moderation. Think of your Locs like cultivating a plant. You can't over water or over feed or you will get the opposite result you are looking for doing more damage than good. Locs are a journey. A natural process. Trust the process. #ThatsMy5Sense www.CleanLocs.ca