You gave me a regiment I could handle... When I try to wash it home and get my sister pretends to be MissNiya... you can’t duplicate it. Aint nobody got time for that!
It’s a lot’s’s very soft...and not as dry...The detailing process was the best
— Crystal

I will definitely be back, and I recommend anyone that needs a deep wash come see Niya. She will hook you up! Trust me!
— Latonya

I recommend everyone come to CleanLocs, to #GetTheGunkOut. The steam was the releasing of toxins. The amount of dirt, and toxins and just like, negative energy that was able to come out of my hair... it just feels so clean because there’s no buildup or gunk or gel or anything!”
— Janice


I came all the way from Montreal to see MissNiya...this exceeded my i can wear a black shirt and not be embarrassed, the tightening was amazing, Niya did it in ONE interloc, you have to see it to believe it
— Andrea


Thx Niya for the amazing job you did on cleaning my locs ... They feel so clean and light now !!! I recommend CleanLocs to any and everyone. Bless!!!
— Chad More

I have not seen it look this fluffy since I started my went through in detail Loc by Loc...A lot of time when you do go to the salon they more so concentrate on the styling and not so much the care...very thorough most thorough I think ever...Its a new texture altogether...i feel clean. I had dirty Locs and now I’ve been cleansed
— Aisha

My lint...that brought me back... Its the same quality of’s nice to get that light and clean feeling back...
— Althea

The biggest impact for me is definitely how soft my hair is
— Deide (day day)

It feels one thousand percent lighter, and theres no smells only regret is not coming sooner
— Georgette

“It’s very light! I loved the time you spend and the affection you give to the locs”
— Jackie

“I can’t lie, I didnt really beleive in the after seeing what you do and how you clean the hair....I am an apostle!”
— Jae Hamilton

I was told not to wash my hair for the first two months...all kinds of oils and stuff like feels good to have clean hair right now!
— Jamar, Student (saves $10 every time)

Just have to say, you did a great job! I’m in love with my hair again. It’s lighter, softer, and smells amazing. I really appreciate the tips you gave me too. You’re definitely a genuine hair artist, and it shows in your work!
— Shantee Leamy

There was good energy from her and she did an amazing job on my hair. I am sold. MissNiya is a *MIRACLE WORKER*!!! She immediately recognized the oddities of my hair (Lint, and LOTS of it) and knew right away how to handle it. Random strangers complimented me on my hairstyle. Now THAT is the sign of a good stylist. Now I can’t wait to go back and continue my cleaning process. If Visit 2 is anywhere even close to as good as Visit 1, I think I’ve found my new Loctician. It’s worth your time or money.
— China Simone

Clean Locs, the name says it all!
I had my hair washed, cleaned and styled by Niya. First, I have never had my hair washed the way she did, talk about patience! I was very pleased with the end results. I am always thrilled when my hair is styled and was not disappointed. My hair feels very light! Thank you Niya!!
— Marvlyn

“I got Steaming, Washing, detailing the roots...I thought the service was great. I feel like I shouldn’t even wash my hair for months now.... I like that you combined...Thats what I wanted”
— Dominique Croasdale

Ask and you shall receive!! I’ve been looking for someone who does dreads and I stumble upon @cleanlocs_tm
— Kelly (@bougie_)
Honestly guys my Locs have never felt better. Never knew how bad my locs were until i met this lady and she hooked me up. My brother noticed a difference right away. So glad I met @cleanlocs_tm. Anyone who’s not sure of the condition of their locs or needs some maintenance should definitely use CleanLocs service. You wont regret it
— Owyna Alexander
20 years of having a Crown and it never has been blessed like CleanLocs did it. So clean, light and my free one-of-a-kind style was stunning!! See you in a week MissNiya!
— Darla Francis

CleanLocs is something I would definitely recommend. Consultation was great and very informative. Not to mention, the feeling of my hair after the steam and wash. I have to show love to MissNiya. Thank you soooo much
— Tia Harris

Great Service. And the cleaning makes your locs feel so light and looking nice. I definitely recommend that anyone starting their locs or wants to get them professionally done come here!
— Jidé Utomi

You know that clean hair feeling? That fresh, light, “airy” CLEEEEEEEAN feeling? No, you dont, not until you get the CLeanLocs CLEAN. Not even kidding, not even exaggerating. MissNIya will hook you up. Every single loc, from hair follicle to the tip. Just do it! Seriously, you wont regret it! The styling is just a bonus. She’s a natural :) - pun intended
— Milé Mothibe

CleanLocs is DOPE!! MissNiya went above and beyond paying special attention to each loc buildup area. I knew I had product build up was shocked to see just how much pure gunk was in my locs!! Never have I had such a thorough washing. My locs went from being a bit stiff and heavy to soft, light, and fluffy... thank you MissNiya, I look forward to seeing you soon...Peace!
— Saia HuKeekui
I thought my hair felt somewhat different right after the Steam’n’Wash, but it wasn’t until my hair fully dried that I noticed how significant the change was. My hair is SO much lighter than it was before! Its a lovely feeling. Looking forward to part two :)
— Alison Isaac

It’s been about 90 days I hadn’t had my hair done ...It took every dirt, every smoke, every toxin out.. i felt real dirty, and now i feel real clean! feels great!
— Daryle Mosely - Ohio

I had no clue how dirty my Locs were. MissNiya left my headtop ‘n’ I feeling unltra Blessed. I had gotten a lot of uneducated advice of how to care for my Locs and MissNiya has shown me the true way :) The experience was awesome; and she’s pretty cool too ;) Cant wait for my next appt!
— Shari Smiley

Never had my hair washed so throughly in my life. My hair feels so soft right now! Worth the 4hours of washing.
— Candace Clark


Premium BiWeekly Pkg includes a maximum of 5hrs of service per appointment. Basic BiWeekly Pkg includes a maximum of 4hrs of service per appointment / Full lint/gunk removal can take 2-6 sessions to complete. / Overtime & Add-On rates still apply / Cannot be combined with any other offer / Must pay fee in full, cannot split into instalments / Kid discount rates still apply / Rescheduled and BiWeekly appointments cannot be booked outside of the 2 week cutoff. BiWeekly appointments must be booked no greater than 2weeks apart to receive the preferred BiWeekly rate otherwise regular price applies. / LocDetailing can add 2-4hrs to your appointment length / NewLoc 3wk follow up appointments are a complimentary service only offered once and cannot be rescheduled / Please understand that CleanLocs specializes in clean hair and will not tighten, or style unclean hair. / Any add-On's and/or Services longer than 4hrs are subject to an additional rate of $25/hr / Timing, Prices & Results may vary depending on the amount of dirt, quantity & length of Locs / The deposits and payments are non-refundable. Deposits are deducted from your balance at the end of your appointment / Deposits can however, be transferred to a new appointment as long as the rescheduled appointment takes place within 2 weeks of the first. / Deposits and payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. No Exceptions / CleanLocs Credits Cannot Be Applied To Deposits


CleanLocs is operated in part and on the property of Scadding Court Community Centre, which serves the community including many small children. Clients, potential clients and/or their acquaintances are asked not to consume any drugs or alcohol within 9 meters of the facility and to be mindful of the small people nearby. The bathrooms are located inside the community centre, through both sets of double doors to your left. Bathrooms are closed at 8:30pm on weekdays and 5:30pm on Saturdays. Both CleanLocs and the community centre are closed on Sunday.