CleanLocs was established to put focus on the cleanliness and overall health of Locs as well as eradicate negative myths associated with wearing Locs.

Whether you are looking for a deep cleaning or a full gunk removal the best place to start is a SteamWash’n’Loc


  • Steam

  • Wash

  • ReTwist / Tightening

  • Up to 4hrs of service

Removes surface dirt, grime, oil, dead skin, dust, sebum, buildup, sweat and leftover product or shampoo; Often in preparation for full gunk/lint removal

*LocDetailing not included and not available as an Add-On.

CleanLocs will not hurry the appointment, which compromises the quality of service. Please plan accordingly.

First time appointments tend to average 2hrs of overtime.

Length, loc size, density & how dirty Locs are may affect price. Overtime and Add-Ons are charged separately and ALWAYS apply.