People who have never ever visited CleanLos before.

People who are looking for full gunk/lint removal.


First time CleanLocs clients are encouraged to book a SteamWash'nLoc appointment.

A SteamWas’n’Loc includes a 60min SteamTreatment a 2hr Deep Cleansing Wash,  and 1hr allotted to Retwisting/Tightening.  This appointment focuses on removing old product, dirt, dust, oil, buildup, dead skin, sweat, and gunk which is the first step if you are looking for 100% gunk/lint removal. 

This appointment is to remove any surface dirt, grime, grease, oil, leftover product or shampoo, dead skin, dust and sebum from the scalp and Loc shaft. LocDetailing and gunk removal will not be performed unless you have already had a Basic SteamWash’n’Loc.



This service has a range of $120 to 185 depending on length, loc size, density, how dirty the hair is. Overtime and Add-Ons will increase the cost as per prices listed for those services. 

Hair past waist-length has an additional fee to be determined by the loctitian upon initial assessment.


SteamWash’n’Loc appointments can be booked from the top bar menu, the Main Services page, or by clicking <—— the button here


Your first appointment with CleanLocs includes 4hours of service. However, first time appointments generally tend to go into overtime up to 2hrs or more due to unexpected hair-related issues that may or may not arise. 

One of the main reasons CleanLocs was established was to focus on the cleanliness and overall health of Locs as well as to eradicate negative myths associated with wearing Locs. As such we will not compromise the quality of our work for the sake of time.