CleanLocs #SupportsLocal | Kal & Mooy Somalian Cuisine


If You've Ever Walked Along The Busy Strip From Queen And John To University You've Probably Passed #KalAndMooy Somalian Food. It's Hidden In "Queen Food Court" Directly Across From The Spinning Wheels Sticking Out Of a the CityTV Parkinglot Wall and Just East Of The Crepe Window on a The North Side. Inside About 3 Nooks In Is A Wonderful Smiling #Ladypreneur Who Made Her #Dreams Come True After #20Years Of Hard Work Manifested As A #FoodTruck and Take Out Right Across From The Much Building!! Congrats Ayesha On Representing Equality And Determination. She Has A Handsome Husband Whom She Describes As "So Nice", Who Supports a Her 100% In All Her Endeavours Over Their Years Together. I Just Love This #HerStory.  


I had already purchased my lunch across the street prior to discovering Kal & Mooy but decided to buy a veggie samosa with her special sweet and spicy sauces on the side. It's Important To Support Each Other And Ayesha Shared With Me That Her Relationship With Neighbours At a 'The Jerk Joint' Is Great, And She Wishes That More People Would Follow Suit In Hopes That The Community Will See The Long Term Benefit Of Being Persistent In Your Goal Yet Flexible In Your Methods When Choosing To Support Others Within Our Community. 

She Also Shared With Me The Struggle She And Other Businesses In A Similar Position As Hersrf Business-wise Have When Competing Against Larger Companies For Prime Retail And Commercial Locations. They Are Leased At Rates That Can Only Fall In The Recommended 30% Of Ones Budget If You Are A High Capital High Profit Company. It's Not a Always That Black And Or Simply Small Business In General a Don't  Know How To Run A Business It's Sometimes That The Resources Are Just Not As a Easily Accessible As It May Be To Thoae With More Capital.  But That's A Concept And System That Runs Deeper That This Post. as Consumers In Our Community We Should Be Aware Of That When Choosing To Work With Each Other. 

With All Of a that Being Said Ayesha Has So Much Confidence In Her Cooking That She Doesn't Even Let It Shake Her A Bit. and a Rightfully Do Having Been Recognized a For a Her Food By a The a Torinto Star And Other Publications. This Woman Is Strong And Flexible; Like Bamboo. A True Warrioress. And Her Reward Is In The Love She Puts a into a Her Meals. 

Options Include Items Such As Hot Salad Featuring Quinoa, Greens, Lentils and Red Onions ( for my onion eaters ) $10,  Somalian Style Meats (Including Goat) And Veggie Dishes with your choice of Rice, Wrap or Injera (if you're smart enough to ask) $4-12 and of course $2 Samosas.

Ayesha Enjoyed Our Convo So Much a that She Offered Me A Complimentary Gungo Peas Soup And Agreed That Any CleanLocs Client That Visits Will Be Given A Little Extra Special Treatment! Just Show Your CleanLocs Receipt And a Get a Free Samosa With Any Purchase Of An Entree. In Turn, Show a Your Kal & Mooy Receipt And Get Whatever You Spend As A Discount At CleanLocs! 


CleanLocs Knowledge | Do You Suffer From Perm Mentality ?

Often, I will hear client's speak of their experiences with their hair throughout their journey toward strong mature Locs. And often I scratch my head... You can think of Perm Mentality as a sort of extended sub division of the Slave Mentality; in the sense that it is so ingrained in our psyche, that we generally don't even realize it's there. There are a few Perm Mentality traits that I've seen over the years. Here are a few.  Do you suffer from Perm Mentality?

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There is a huge misconception that your hair cannot grow, or be beautiful unless you treat it with some type of product.  This is an easy habit to slip into because we were once so accustomed to the requirement of hair products as we attempted to get our hair to go against nature. Now, it is good to use things in our hair that is nourishing just like we do our skin, body and mind. However, things things should be used as just that. Nourishment. Learn and understand your hair as you would your diet, or exercise routine. In fact these are the things that encourage the growth of strong beautiful Locs, not pomades, hair foods, waxes, gels and sprays.


We are used to tying our hair at night to keep the perm laiiiiid. Curls pressed out. and baby hairs straight. That makes sense when you are trying to achieve a look that isn't naturally yours to begin with. But Locs need the encouragement of friction and knotting in order for them to mature. It makes more sense to cover your Locs when in unfamiliar territory, to keep it from being infiltrated by the day's pollutants and free radicals like dust, germs, bacteria, smells, and energies. 


When hair is permed or flat-ironed, each of the hairs that grows from our follicles lay next to each other for the most part.  Conditioner is designed to leave a coating on the strands that was stripped during processing. When hair is in its natural curly state the hairs are partying with each other in a beautifully coiled chaos! And when that party decides to get down with the rub-a-dub style....they hand out in tightly coled groups and are difficult to break the bond. Not much can get through, and if it does, its tough to get out. So applying conditioner to these tightly coiled, intertwined nattys is going to be a hella un-fun time to get out. It also attracts lint and dust which sticks to the heavy surface.