CleanLocsWeeklyWash: The Queen of Katwe

I had heard of 'The Queen of Katwe' some time ago, and knew it was about chess; but also the whole time I thought it was a cartoon. disney. Cartoon. 

Well i was pleasantly surprised that we got to  see the beautifully talented Lupita Nuyango but even more impressed by the character Phiona: Queen of Katwe. One of the great things about this film is there is no outside force or foreign third party required for Phiona to succeed.   

Check out The Queen of Katwe, after your weekly wash, whileyou retwist your locs or setyour curls for the week!

Watch 2016 BDRip x264 DRONES mkv

Watch video 2016 BDRip x264 DRONES mkv


How to Get Away with Murder S03E10 HDTV x264-RBB

Watch How to Get Away with Murder S03E10 HDTV x264-RBB on TheVideo

Oh Annalise Keating... you have baffled us with your twisted mind for the past 3 seasons and I love every damn moment of it!

But look at where you ended up.  Has it really been you all along?  Is Laurel behind the fire? And what's the story with the new prison mate? Does she know something? Are they gunna breakout together?  

If you have never had a chance to check out the twisted mind of Shonda Rhimes take a look at this weeks episode. If you're a fan of the show. You're welcome :)

CleanLocs Client Success | CleanLocs Client Trey Anthony Has A New Documentary!

English-Jamaican Anthony arrived in Canada at a young age with her mother. She is a regular on the Canadian comedy circuit and began doing stand-up comedy during  Yuk-Yuk's African Nubian Comedy Nights. Eventually writing for host Kenny Robinson's risqué sketch comedy show, "After Hours"  and "The Chris Rock Show". She's also performed at Second City, The Urban Womyn's Comedy Festival and Toronto's St. Lawrence Market. In 2001 Da Kink In My Hair debuted on stages from Britain to the US to  after being inspired by her own personal journey. In 2005 it was adapted to a television series and won four NAACP awards.

One year ago in 2015, after adding hot yoga as a regular part of her life, Playwright Trey Anthony, had her first CleanLocs experience.... 

To say Trey is an accomplished orator, representative of women's liberation and overall human inclusiveness is an understatement. So I was naturally honoured to have her sit in my chair. 

When she was told that the service may take up to 4 hours she was a bit taken back but decided to give us a go anyhow and see if she could lift the sweat, dermis and dirt from her Locs. 

Trey willingly took in all the information provided, regarding the results of using and trying many different products over the years and a number of ways she could prevent future lint, gunk and residue buildup from occurring. 

After coming to terms with the lengthy process, Trey admitted that she absolutely loved the results of her service and came to understand the difference 3 hours can make. 

This time around Trey tackles topics not widely discussed in the black community and can be a tearjerker at times as the ideas tugs at your heartstrings in her latest project, "When Black Mothers Don't Say 'I Love You". it is easily a raw and honest documentary which looks at black motherhood, loss and love...and an insight into the ultimate sacrifice of women who left their children behind in search of a dream...Without seeing any more than the trailer below, the title alone leads me to believe Trey will be tackling tough yet touching subjects as she navigates the many reasons Melanated Mothers do and do not discuss love for their children

When Black Mothers Don't Say I Love You, Trailer (2016)

CleanLocs Promotion | $25 Tightening or Retwists All February Long

In honour of Black History Month, CleanLocs is offering a fantastic price break on all tightening or retwisting. 

$25 All February

Book online with a deposit and receive a $15 CleanLocs Gift/Loyalty Card to save or spend at your discretion on future appointments.

Also, if you're looking for some rich education pertaining to your Locs this Black History Month, join our friends at Loc'n'Twists Brampton for a FREE workshop led by Jah Hendrix to teach you how your diet is directly related to the health of your hair! 

TERMS OF SERVICE: Please understand that CleanLocs specializes in clean hair and will not tighten, or style unclean hair.  Unclean hair will be washed for a fee or the appointment rebooked / Add-On's and Service longer than 4hrs are subject to an additional rate of $20/hr / Timing and prices are subject to change / The deposit is non-refundable, and deducted from your balance at the end of your appointment. You can transfer your deposit to a new appointment as long as the rescheduled appointment takes place within 2 weeks of the first. Rescheduled and BiWeekly appointments booked outside of the 2 week cutoff will result in a new appointment and loss of deposit / BiWeekly appointments must be booked no greater than 2weeks apart to receive preferred BiWeekly rate or pay regular price. CLIENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BOOKING THEIR OWN APPOINTMENTS ONLINE TO AVOID OVERLAPPING & OTHER SCHEDULING ISSUES / 1st appointment generally takes longer. Print the Map & Directions.

CleanLocs Review | Why You Need To See Chi-Raq : A Spike Lee Joint

Once I heard of this project, I was so friggin stoked to see this flick! I love Melanated People and I love Spike Lee's interpretations of them. Watching his movies reminds me of reading and breaking down Shakespeare as I did in high school. Full of layers: symbolism, irony, tragedy, humour and even a soliloquy if you're lucky! His opening credits and the film alike, are always littered with politically colourful street art, historical black art, and fact.

Flashing a random piece of culture just long enough for you to look it up later. And it's just enough. For me, the movie was every bit as enjoyable as I expected, and some. 

Let me tell you what i thought...

First off, this is a comedy. Not a drama. So although there are serious topics throughout the movie, the parts most likely to be criticized are satirical. Often lines are delivered entirely in rhyme almost like a feature length spoken word piece. Perhaps an attempt to engage the youth. Perhaps to point out that this is a tool WE created, to act as a sort of Above Ground Railroad of Information. Perhaps our intellectual property is being pimped and we're the hoe's. Enter Bamboozled. 

So what is this movie about?  

As per usual. The problem is the men, and the solution is with the women. Relax it's a joke. Kind of. *pause*  The violence has gotten so out of control, that the women go on a pounany strike. The film talks about a number of issues with the main focus being black on black crime and the political unfairness of the police vs. gangs a.k.a. the melanated public. The other main theme is Sisterhood and Solidarity, or unity as a whole. These themes are expressed via an array of artistic visual imagery that truly puts the word "mass" in the forefront. 

Spike based this movie off a Greek play Lysistrata and does well in holding a candle to the inspiration. I'm going to ahve to read/watch that now. Examples are a corner store where all the women are exiting, named "Deus ex machina" which translates to a character or thing that suddenly enters the story in a novel, play, movie, etc., and solves a problem that had previously seemed impossible to solve. Very slick Spike. Other Greek inspiration can be seen in costume and certain areas of set design. What's awesome is a lot of their stuff is based on African culture, bringing us back to the concept of "knowing your roots". 

You can catch a few other times Egypt and Greece cross paths throughout the film, such as trading Trojans and Spartans for Crips and Bloods, and the transliteration from Lysistrata to a sort of modern Blaxploitated period piece. A powerful mural in the background of the portraits of Queens' past as the present day Queen Elders break down the power of a woman's sacred space and our impact on the world. Telling the story of a tribe of African women who form a Womens Peace Movement in their violent city, where they withhold from sex, until the men basically ackrite. 

The Lead Queen is of course Angela Basset. Educated and Afro-Centric with her signature Afro-American-Sermon-Like twang literally reading the truth to the youth. Her character adds insight and depth to the film and acts as a sort of narrator along side S-Jack. who is yet again....Sam Jackson.
Lee continues to add splashes of Black History. John Cusak can be seen sporting a traditional African Scarf preaching loudly that "Mass Incarceration is the new Jim Crow" with a black Jesus behind him.  

Church is always a part of Spike Lee movies. The dancers were eerily similar to the "Pocomania" seen in Jamaica or "Voodoo" in Haiti or New Orleans. Both of which have African roots. I find this slightly conflicting given how much he pushes Black history and culture, that he still prescribes to the notion Christianity. The black community has this everlasting reliance on the cross; seeking solace and hope in the very entity that ruined them. It makes me wonder how much of it is for the advancement of our people, and how much of that third eye is still shut. Perhaps the truth is more easily digested and more likely to be accepted as true when John Cusak says it. Similar to the way society tends to react to White Jesus. Similarly, I'm not sure if the confederate-draws wearing General subtly making reference to Barak Obama as a "Lying African" to show the opinion of his creed, or if its representative of Spike's personal opinions. 

I read a few of the early reviews of Chi-Raq and found most of the criticism to be quite petty bringing up things like the fact there weren't any actors or musicians from any side of Chicago in the movie, or feeling insulted at the use of the the name "Chi-Raq" as a reference to south side Chicago, or that the movie strips black women down to nothing more than their sexuality. These particular sheep should listen closely to the dialogue of this film and do fact checking at every opportunity. In turn, end up with a plethora of new understanding and possibly anger.

People need to not be so critically sensitive of the title or surface imagery and make note of the ways in which other black folk attempt to educate and open eyes and create awareness. Seek to gain as much positive information as possible taking the best parts and leaving the rest. Instead of looking for ways to further break down what has already been torn and tattered. That doesn't raise our vibrations any higher. 
As always I'm saddened that our serious voice can only be heard when wrapped in satire. But overall Chi-Raq addresses a myriad of current and ever-relevant controversial topics. Including the power of like-minded women, strength in numbers, organized thought, the politics of systemic oppression, the fraudulence of organized religion, the guise of Hip Hop as a form of artistic, personal and political expression and our enslavement to it. The contrast between protests held by non-melanated groups versus the organized non-violent melanated groups and the link between Corporate America and Systemic Oppression. From the human Sun/Moon balance, to faithfulness and commitment to the dismantling of the black man's concept of how to love. Spike Lee's Chi-Raq attacks the all around value of accountability, unity, education and how it all come's full circle. And of course, the movie's most important message; Wake. Up.

ChiRaq_Banner copy.jpg

Nick Cannon is a main character, but doesn't matter.

CleanLocs Science & Opinion | With Age Comes Wisdom....Highlights That Is. Wisdom Highlights.

Many clients ask about colouring their Locs. Surprisingly most want colour to cover greys, or as I like to call them, "Wisdom Highlights". Grey hair runs in my family with my grandfather having a full white head of hair by the time he was 30, my father was salt and pepper by the same age, and I started going grey at the age of 25. On my Earthstrong. SMH I freaked out a little bit but a few days later it really didn't bother me any more. Given I still have more melanated strands than not, they are there. And I let them be...

Once I noticed my silver sprouts I learned via a quick Google search that there is very little one can do to slow down the greying of one's hair. Going grey is more about loss than gain as it's simply the loss of that follicle's ability to produce enough melanin to pigment the strand.  As a result, naturally melanated people such as Blacks and Asians tend to have less grey hair. Highly melanated areas include eyes and pubic hair.

Melanin is produced by the pineal gland also known as the third eye which regulates the pituitary gland which secretes Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone (MSH). MSH then binds with Melanocyte-Receptors on the surface of pigmented or melanated cells, resulting in darkening the eyes, skin and hair. Hormones such as estrogen and progesterone as well as vitamin D from the sun can trigger and activate melanin production. At the end of each hair growth cycle some of the melanin production of the hair shuts off in the "dying" phase. When the cycle starts over and new hair is growing in, if the production of melanin doesn't turn back on, the strand will be grey.

 Naturally occurring anti-oxidant enzymes protect the melanocytes from being damaged however. In theory if the melanocytes remain undamaged, the hair will stay melanated. The top two things which we are rumoured to have control over are stress and smoking. Otherwise, your genes will decide your fate when it comes to how snowy your roof gets. So quit smoking and lighten up if you really want to keep that melanin glowing for years to come! 

Recently Erykah Badu a.k.a. "MyGirl" revealed herself and all her wonderfully wise wisps to the world embracing the natural and beautiful aging process that we will all come to experience. 

How do you feel about your Wisdom Highlights? Are you inclined to dye them? If so why? If you have embraced your Sexy Silver Strands what gave you the courage and frame of mind to do so? Share in the comments below! 

CleanLocs Top 5 | What Makes A Holiday A Holiday?

Holiday season has drastically changed over the decades. Houses lined with lights and tacky decor are more of a "sighting" than something to go see. Consumerism is at an all-time high with the Christmas promotions sitting right next to the Trick or Treat candies at the end of October. Political correctness has overthrown free speach and puplic opinion as you whisper "Happy Chrismahaunikwanza" under your breath making sure to simultaneously greet, while not offending.

However you decide to spend your holiday time, a few things for me signify the season. Because I am mixed-race, my early childhood was quite Canadian, experiencng things like Kraft Dinner and ketchup, Beans and Wieners, Sheppard's pie and Tang. My latter years I was raised in a Jamaican household, my holiday signifiers are rooted in both those traditions. Some of you may relate, others may learn something new! Either way check out a short list of a few of my Favourite Holiday Things:


#1 HTB Bun


Part of Christmas for Caribbeans is "nyamming". Especially Bun. Non-West Indians please note; this is always singular, no matter how many loaves or slices. Referring to this festive snack in this way will bump up your authenticity should you find yourself in the company of Caribbean's. Although traditionally eaten at Christmas and Easter, there's no special reason for bun-consumption other than it tastes damn nice!  Now, not all bun is created equal. Despite it's appearance, this is nothing like your secretary's fruit cake turned door stopper. A good bun is soft and moist, with just the right combination of spices, raisins and cured fruits and a super soft, shiny, "crust". Best served with Jamaican "tin cheese" if you can find it. 

#2 Sorrel


Ah sorrel. Where to begin...The smell of sorrel wafting through the air is one of the most wonderful smells on earth. A rich soothing blend of the sweetness sorrel blossoms, the warmth of nutmeg and cinnamon, the heat of Jamaican ginger and a kick from Mr. Wray and his Nephew. Sorrel is a liquid treasure consumed widely across the Caribbean. Most highly sought after whenever Jesus is in town i.e. Christmas and Easter. Some like to mix equal parts with Carib and enjoy a shandy with a slice of #5

#3 Stop Motion Movies,The Grinch and T.U.L.D.A.

Ya, so I'm not born in Jamaica, my father was. LOL! I'm a born and bred Torontonian with part of my mother's half hailing from Nova Scotia. What up Callander/Cianco/Carter/Brooks Crew Bup bup bup! Ok so back when I believed in Santa and the whole nine, I was just fascinated with the Rankin/Brooks stop motion movies. I would sit there wondering how they did it wishing I worked in the elf workshop. It never really stopped. And of course no Chrismahaunikwanza is complete without Dr. Seuss and the Grinch in all his green grouchy glory! Now many of you are probably wondering what T.U.L.D.A. is. Well that would be my cousin Trina's department as she is the unofficial President of The Urban Line Dancing Association. This could be anything from Cameo's "Candy" to Mr. C's "Cha Cha Slide". If there are instructions and a beat we bout it. Especially if we're in uhhh "good spirits"

#4 Jamaican Christmas Carols

After the sweet smells of sorrel have settled in, the drunk cousins are done line dancing, bun finish nyamm off, slices of #5 start making the rounds and the familiar stammer of Jacob Miller starts to play as Uncle so and so starts dancing to Rockaz; glass in hand, doing some deep squat movement, knees high.... and smiling! "Silver be-eh-eh-ells oo-ee-ah-ee-ah-ah-ah" The thing about classic reggae is that it is truly timeless. Every time you play it, it gives you the exact same enjoyment as the first time you took it in.  From the dropped beat to the laid back lazy twangy lyrics that casts the overall smokey yet sunshiny vibe. It really is the soundtrack to Caribbean lifestyle.

#5 Black Cake

Most West Indian kids have heard the phrase "BLACK Caaake!?.....What's that!?" followed by an explanation of the rich dense drunken goodness that is the Caribbean staple Christmas cake. There is an unspoken competition and hunt for the best black cake every year. Ideal slices are hidden and hoarded, and as the tin foil starts the run out the coveted slices can be found sandwiched between front facing paper plates, with other leftover staples and gifted bottles of rum and sorrel by the door. This is the last hour of Holiday dinner where we labrish and long talk at the door. Sweating is usually a fair sign, its time to finally get in the running car. 



CleanLocs Knowledge | Does Your Shampoo Cause Cancer?

Last year, The Centre for Environmental Health, based in Oakland California released a list of almost one hundred different shampoos that are likely to contain carcinogenic ingredients. Namely Cocamide DEA.  

350ml available at Shoppers Drug Mart for about $9

350ml available at Shoppers Drug Mart for about $9

The chemical in question is coached DEA, which is a chemically modified form of coconut oil often used as a thickener, or to cause suds. While this additive derives from Coconut, because it has been tampered with, it does not have the same properties or benefits as virgin coconut oil. 

After learning this, it is not surprising that a number of brands frequently used by melanated peoples are on this list including Carol’s Daughter, Creme of Nature, Trader Joe’s and Luster’s Pink anything. 

Now the knowledge seeker in me, forces me to ask if it is a  coincidence that it is often suggested to melanated people that they need to add something to their hair in order for it to be “accepted”. And if it is a further coincidence that these same products have known carcinogens in them. The Devil’s Advocate will say that the same cancer causing ingredient is in the other 90% of the products tested. But, hey, this makes for good conversation does it not? 

Check out the article below for more information 

Illegal Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found in Nearly 100 Well-Known Shampoo Brands

You may have thought that the worst thing your shampoo could do to you is to sting your eyes, but it turns out that your shampoo could be deadly. The Center for Environmental Health based in Oakland, California, performed a study on shampoos and soaps and found that 98 included a possible carcinogen known as cocamide diethanolamine (cocamide DEA).

One brand that did not make it on the list was a favourite of CleanLocs clients. Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo. This highly efficient formula is especially designed to remove excess oils, product, and buildup from other free radicals and overall life. It is also fairly inexpensive at approximately $10-12 per bottle. And, a large 946ml bottle will last you about a year. My Locs touch my hips, and I only go through two bottles a year. Sounds like just what your Locs need right!?

While this shampoo does not lift and remove lint, it does a remarkable job of removing left over oils, product, shampoo and dust etc. that may cause dullness. It also smells very pleasant, is not overpowering, and leaves your Locs smelling amazing until your next wash! It's the best thing to use, to #GetTheGunkOut!

Regular weekly washing with a great shampoo like Neutrogena Anti-Residue is the best way to start your journey to Clean Locs! Washing 2-3 times a week is recommended for those with an active lifestyle! 

#CleanLocs Testimonials | Janiece | Aug 22 2015

Although Janiece takes very good care of her Locs, she had just about had it with the lint situations that have taken over the ends of her Locs. I can't believe I didn't get a before shot because the difference in the look and feel of her tresses after just one SteamWash'n'Loc session and 2hrs of detailing is amazing. Janiece's Locs are much softer, lighter and a lot less lint!


    *~ : : Stay Tuned For A FULL TESTIMONIAL From Janiece : : ~*

    *~ : : Stay Tuned For A FULL TESTIMONIAL From Janiece : : ~*

CleanLocs #SupportsLocal | Kal & Mooy Somalian Cuisine


If You've Ever Walked Along The Busy Strip From Queen And John To University You've Probably Passed #KalAndMooy Somalian Food. It's Hidden In "Queen Food Court" Directly Across From The Spinning Wheels Sticking Out Of a the CityTV Parkinglot Wall and Just East Of The Crepe Window on a The North Side. Inside About 3 Nooks In Is A Wonderful Smiling #Ladypreneur Who Made Her #Dreams Come True After #20Years Of Hard Work Manifested As A #FoodTruck and Take Out Right Across From The Much Building!! Congrats Ayesha On Representing Equality And Determination. She Has A Handsome Husband Whom She Describes As "So Nice", Who Supports a Her 100% In All Her Endeavours Over Their Years Together. I Just Love This #HerStory.  


I had already purchased my lunch across the street prior to discovering Kal & Mooy but decided to buy a veggie samosa with her special sweet and spicy sauces on the side. It's Important To Support Each Other And Ayesha Shared With Me That Her Relationship With Neighbours At a 'The Jerk Joint' Is Great, And She Wishes That More People Would Follow Suit In Hopes That The Community Will See The Long Term Benefit Of Being Persistent In Your Goal Yet Flexible In Your Methods When Choosing To Support Others Within Our Community. 

She Also Shared With Me The Struggle She And Other Businesses In A Similar Position As Hersrf Business-wise Have When Competing Against Larger Companies For Prime Retail And Commercial Locations. They Are Leased At Rates That Can Only Fall In The Recommended 30% Of Ones Budget If You Are A High Capital High Profit Company. It's Not a Always That Black And Or Simply Small Business In General a Don't  Know How To Run A Business It's Sometimes That The Resources Are Just Not As a Easily Accessible As It May Be To Thoae With More Capital.  But That's A Concept And System That Runs Deeper That This Post. as Consumers In Our Community We Should Be Aware Of That When Choosing To Work With Each Other. 

With All Of a that Being Said Ayesha Has So Much Confidence In Her Cooking That She Doesn't Even Let It Shake Her A Bit. and a Rightfully Do Having Been Recognized a For a Her Food By a The a Torinto Star And Other Publications. This Woman Is Strong And Flexible; Like Bamboo. A True Warrioress. And Her Reward Is In The Love She Puts a into a Her Meals. 

Options Include Items Such As Hot Salad Featuring Quinoa, Greens, Lentils and Red Onions ( for my onion eaters ) $10,  Somalian Style Meats (Including Goat) And Veggie Dishes with your choice of Rice, Wrap or Injera (if you're smart enough to ask) $4-12 and of course $2 Samosas.

Ayesha Enjoyed Our Convo So Much a that She Offered Me A Complimentary Gungo Peas Soup And Agreed That Any CleanLocs Client That Visits Will Be Given A Little Extra Special Treatment! Just Show Your CleanLocs Receipt And a Get a Free Samosa With Any Purchase Of An Entree. In Turn, Show a Your Kal & Mooy Receipt And Get Whatever You Spend As A Discount At CleanLocs! 


CleanLocs Promo. | FREE Sorrel ! FREE Style! And More!

This season pamper yourself or someone you love!! Treat yourself or a loved one to a SteamWash'n'Loc service to remove all the gunk, buildup, lint and last years negative energy and start fresh!! Clients often express how much lighter their hair feels and how great it smells after this treatment using steam to release the dirt, dust, lint, sweat and other buildup that has accumulated over the last 365 days!

After you #GetTheGunkOut, why not continue the pamper-me-time by having your feet and hands soaked, scrubbed and softened with a relaxing manicure and pedicure by SupremeMobileSpa! 

Nicole Allen is a trusted and trained aesthetician who truly treats your experience like her own! Take advantage of her talents by booking a manicure and pedicure today!

CleanLocs clients who receive a SteamWash'n'Loc service can book this SupremeMobileSpa service for only $45!!  

And the best part...? SupremeMobileSpa comes to you!!

Feel free to contact Nicole at 647.530.1300 for more information regarding the promo and other services she offers!! And of course drop us a line at for more info on #CleanLocs or call  647.496.0106

CleanLocs Knowledge | Do You Suffer From Perm Mentality ?

Often, I will hear client's speak of their experiences with their hair throughout their journey toward strong mature Locs. And often I scratch my head... You can think of Perm Mentality as a sort of extended sub division of the Slave Mentality; in the sense that it is so ingrained in our psyche, that we generally don't even realize it's there. There are a few Perm Mentality traits that I've seen over the years. Here are a few.  Do you suffer from Perm Mentality?

Also Check out A Beautiful Disaster and leave your comments below!


There is a huge misconception that your hair cannot grow, or be beautiful unless you treat it with some type of product.  This is an easy habit to slip into because we were once so accustomed to the requirement of hair products as we attempted to get our hair to go against nature. Now, it is good to use things in our hair that is nourishing just like we do our skin, body and mind. However, things things should be used as just that. Nourishment. Learn and understand your hair as you would your diet, or exercise routine. In fact these are the things that encourage the growth of strong beautiful Locs, not pomades, hair foods, waxes, gels and sprays.


We are used to tying our hair at night to keep the perm laiiiiid. Curls pressed out. and baby hairs straight. That makes sense when you are trying to achieve a look that isn't naturally yours to begin with. But Locs need the encouragement of friction and knotting in order for them to mature. It makes more sense to cover your Locs when in unfamiliar territory, to keep it from being infiltrated by the day's pollutants and free radicals like dust, germs, bacteria, smells, and energies. 


When hair is permed or flat-ironed, each of the hairs that grows from our follicles lay next to each other for the most part.  Conditioner is designed to leave a coating on the strands that was stripped during processing. When hair is in its natural curly state the hairs are partying with each other in a beautifully coiled chaos! And when that party decides to get down with the rub-a-dub style....they hand out in tightly coled groups and are difficult to break the bond. Not much can get through, and if it does, its tough to get out. So applying conditioner to these tightly coiled, intertwined nattys is going to be a hella un-fun time to get out. It also attracts lint and dust which sticks to the heavy surface. 


CleanLocs | Why You Should Wash Your Locs

When perusing Loc blogs and the like, a question that is often asked when starting out is how frequently to wash your NewLocs if even at all. I'm not sure how this rumour got started that you should not clean your hair in order for Locs to form, but I would really like to ask that they stop perpetuating this myth. You MUST, I repeat MUST MUST wash your Locs!

In everyday terms, Locs are fomed by creating a bunch of random knots with a bunch of random threadlike hairs and each loc can have a few hundred hairs.  If your hair is not clean there is a slick layer of oil and/or sebum on it. Now, something that is oily is usually slippery, and something that I'd slippery is generally more difficult to create knots with. Therefore the dirtier your hair, the less chance of knots forming or any tangling action, and definitely less chance, and longer time for Locs to form.



Sometimes I hear "my hair texture is different" and so this or that person feels they need to avoid washing so that the new Locs don't unravel. You might want to get a pen and paper for this next part; all new Locs unravel. LOL! Especially so for mixedrace hair, trust me I'm mixed with everything you can think of and "they" told me my hair would never Loc, because of the texture. But I tried my best to leave it alone, I washed it once a week, and in 4mos I was official.

Think of your new Locs like a plant, a mighty tree with strong roots. It is a cultivation. It requires, care, patience and a positive attitude. Your hair needs to be clean so that your scalp can get the oxygen and sunlight it needs to grow, and so that the hairs have enough "grip" to form the knots that create your Loc shaft. It takes time. 

After having all kinds of gunk put into his Locs and being advised not to wash his hair for a few months, check out this client's testimonial below talking about his SteamWash'n'Loc experience after 2months of not washing. 


CleanLocs Testimonial | Do You Suffer From Heavy Locs?

Your locs are maturing and now have a heavier weight Although your locs do gain some weight when maturing keep an eye out for lint and dust build up. Build up in your locs can cause your locs to become heavy with gunk that eventually can sneak up on you and become a burden. CleanLocs manages to dig deep into you locs (without unravelling it) and get the gunk out! Leaving your locs smelling great and feeling light as air. You never know how light your locs can be until you get the CleanLocs clean.