CleanLocs | Tink Bout'it | White Child Can't Wear Locs To School. Discrimination?

Lately there has been a lot of backlash from parents of children with unprocessed hair, and schools who feel that black hair in its natural state is not suited for the classroom. In almost every instance, our community collectively agreed that the rules surrounding hair-style choice in school is silly, and discriminatory.  Most schools who attempt to enforce these rules, state they do not want "distracting or unkept" hair in the hallways and classrooms. Now, most black folk who wear Locs do so, as it is a way to keep hair neat, versatile and unprocessed.

Now, what if the student is white? Do the same rules apply? Are the rules skewed because this is a "forced" style whereas for blacks it's considered "natural"? Are Locs more distracting on white's than blacks?

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