CleanLocs Roots | Cover Your Hair, It's Too Pretty!

When I let my Locs down, I get comments. When I style my Locs accessorizing my look with neat braids and Locs twisted into a carefully constructed crown I get even more compliments!  But it is no where near the amount of positive feedback I get when I wrap my Locs. "Oh wow! Your wrap looks beautiful" they say staring in awe and wondering how I managed to drape all that fabric so gracefully over my mane.

Some women cover their hair in slight shame in order to assimilate, while others do it for the sole purpose of "protecting" their hair. Check out the article above, to gain a little bit of insight and history regarding the wearing of stunning natural black hairstyles and eventually, the headwrap as well the backfire of the elitist politics surrounding it.

 Do you feel beautiful wearing your Locs styled? What is the best compliment someone has made regarding your headwrap?  #CleanLocs would LOVE to hear about it!! Drop us a line below!

CleanLocs client with her Locs styled into a detailed Style. All Styles are FREE this month with a SteamWash'n'Loc service 

CleanLocs Client Looking Stunning In Her Nigerian Wedding Garb. Congrats on Your Union!!