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Back in 2010 there were zero salons that catered 100% of their service time to Locs. In particular, to cleanliness and the overall health of Locs. While many other salons were producing outstanding styles and immaculate re-twists using various products nobody was addressing the lint and gunk epidemic, educating and/or offering a reliable solution to the Loc Community.

There was a need for CleanLocs; A Loctitian catering solely to getting the gunk out of your Locs.

Nearly a decade ago, CleanLocs was born in a North York studio apt, with a dream to fill the void in Loc Cleanliness & Education, one Loc at a time. Focusing on a logic and steam-based approach to Loc Education and Maintenance CleanLocs Professional Dreadloc Cleaning opened in 2014 inside a retrofitted shipping container in downtown Toronto.

CleanLocs prides itself on giving the most thorough wash in the GTA with clients who travel far distances to attain the unique services CleanLocs has to offer.

CleanLocs is also the only Loc Shop that offers LocDetailing; a unique lint-removal concept and service, developed by CleanLocs, that removes lint and gunk without unravelling, and will leave your stiff, stale, hard, heavy, lint-filled Locs feeling soft, fluffy, light and smelling fresh!